Hello other world!

After being banned from my home planet due to heretical talk, I dug my troublesome way through the birth canal of my earthly host-family’s woman at 9.12.1963.

A son of a teachers-couple I grew up well cared for , and passed my time developing my personality, somewhere between immeasurable fantasy and irascibility.

By 1980, I grew tired of school, and after a year in a socio-pedagogical traineeship, I came to prefer traveling, and started turning towards music, both actively and passively.

After fobbing off Jimi Hendrix, Iron Butterfly and Vanilla Fudge, the time of independent and synth-based music started, as well as the emergence of the band Dizzkiz, who painted red the underground of our hometown Kiel from 1984 to 1987.

Roughly from 1992 to 1994 I operated the keyboards for Mørtl, and started the process of spreading my genetic code in this world. Simultaneously I discovered my preference for Heavy Metal.

Including four carriers of genetic material, that code thing took up more time than expected, so much so that my musicianship had been imprisoned into my four walls for a long time. In the meantime I tried building up a technological center, but due to the lack of the earthlings’ interest I had to quit my Compudrome.

During those years, I always ran a home recording studio to record my songs, first using 4 track recorders and later on in the new millenium Cubase on PC. All those songs can be found at Youtube.

Creativity at home more and more lessened, and in the same extent grew the longing for creating soundworlds loud and together with chosen earthlings. Meanwhile, my four kids grew up to splendid individuals, which rendered constant monitoring redundant. I used this newfound leisure time to attempt to get in touch with the local music scene. This was rather frustrating, but hey, I met Randy Hansen!

Then I made the acquaintance of Thorsten, an ambitious guitarist without band experience, who in turn is a childhood friend of our former Dizzkiz-drummer Jonz. The latter collected his drumkit, that had been parked somewhere for years, and we founded the formation Jointh. Our rehearsal room is located endtime-quaintly inside the Fortress Friedrichsort, at that time built by Christian IV, a distant relative of my host-family.

Our music is fairly psychedelic-tinted and sways between diverse styles in between this spacious frame against my initial apprehension my guitar-and keyboard-playing develops very free and sometimes, it appears to me as if another entity takes possession of me for a limited time.

Privately my taste in music solidified more and more in the direction of Death Metal and Metalcore, however I enjoy each production that inheres soul.

The remaining time of my wait for the revelation of my true destiny I spend mostly in front of my PC, often gaming, now and again creative. Unfortunately I lack continuity and endurance to finalize any of my imaginative projects, be it the plunging again into the handling of big engines like Unreal or Unity, or the realization of a cute rpg-adventure describing the genesis of the band, done with RPGMaker. I could even port that to cell phones.

Let alone “Idiologie”, where the kind player may slip into the personality of a high-level person of the politics, to overcome tasks in different ways, pointedly including similarities to your abstruse world, unknowingly operating the variable “conscience”. In a forerunner’s way as always I planned Tronald Dump since a longer time than he holds his office, Mangela Erkel always is a continuous burner, but the only yet implemented person is Pauke Fretry, who is up to mischief in a refugee hostel with oppressive music in the background.

Meanwhile I’m getting into using the Unreal Engine 4.19.2. Everything related to this you’ll find here in near future.

For further informations about location, love life, health condition and everything else please contact me via Email at morthal@web.de or send a message to Ingo Schweitzer at Facebook. Preferably we meet here in the “House of thousand Breakdowns”, the center of the ingoverse!


Here I present my artistic work to you, mainly pencil drawings and paintings in Plaka Tempera from the first half of the eighties. The only artwork, that I had the luck to take part in essentially, is a trailer for a trash-movie within the frame of my daughter Sophie’s college media-project. Due to copyright reasons I’m not allowed to present the complete two minutes here, but enjoy those small teasers from “The apocalyptic Grater”!

A few years ago during a school-project of my daughter Isabel my Tebartzcross came into being, urging catholic church to practice humility:

And here the gallery of unmmoved pictures:


Although I was forced to learn the piano as a child, I began making music genuinely in the beginning of the eighties. In our legendary underground-band Dizzkiz from 1984 to 1987, and later nearly two years with Mørtl until 1994. Since the beginning of 2017 Thorsten, our old Dizzkiz-drummer Jonz and I build the formation Jointh. Pretty early I started creating own music in my loud chamber, first using 4-track-recorders, now within this new millennium I prefer Cubase.

You can find all my songs from 1986 until 2016 here at Youtube.

Here a few snippets created during the last years:

The first night with my new Dimebag Darrell Signature Wah Pedal:






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